resturantda’Vida is an Anguillan Experience…

To put da’Vida into context, imagine the most upscale restaurant in St. Barts – A lofty, open-air, wooden building, with charm and class, plush cushions and fine fixtures

…But instead of being on a crowded beach in St. Barts, you are on the soothing, secluded Crocus Bay in Anguilla. No beach on St. Barts comes close to competing with this natural beauty…

da’Vida is the only structure on the whole stretch of sand.

facilities-grillThe restaurant is Anguillian owned, built on family land. It was once leased to the English pub, Roy’s Place but today, the Lloyds (from Lloyd’s Guest House) are realizing their dreams.

The late David and Vida Lloyd started Anguilla’s first hotel, the Guest House, in 1959. Fifty years later, their son and daughter, David and Vida opened da’Vida (David-Vida). Their passion and purpose have turned this into one of the most exquisite restaurants Anguilla has to offer, set, picture-perfect on one of the most serene bays.

Construction began in 2008 and moved quickly!

I remember docking on the shores of Crocus Bay during a sail, wondering what this building would become. It wasn’t built to be a hotel. It seemed too large for a restaurant. Maybe a villa?


Now we know that this 17,000 square foot structure is more than a restaurant. It is a place that allows us to enjoy Crocus Bay from a beach chair in the late morning, float and swim in Crocus’ calm waters in the afternoon, and enjoy lunch, tapas or dinner and even host wedding receptions and business conferences (on the second floor). Live Casinos Explained

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